Data Cleansing

What is it? It is simply a series of routines to correct data quality. Our software will standardise, correct and de-duplicate your contact data for better results. Ensure your data is intact and reduce the cost of your mailing, by suppressing unwanted addressees. Clean and accurate data will enable you to take advantage of the many Postal Discounts available.

Enhanced Data

PAF Validate and enhance your data by using the Royal Mail’s postal address file. This process also identifies Business and International addresses. Other suppression files can be used such as:

  • Deceased screening
  • Bereavement file
  • MPS (Mailing preference) UK & International
  • Goneway suppression file
  • TPS (Telephone preference)

Data cleansing should be an integral procedure within an organisation that holds customer data. Improving data integrity will maximise your data value and Return on Investment.

Our response handling team are ready to receive and process requests for brochures etc, on your behalf.

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  • Data capture
  • Data Processing
  • Database Management
  • Response Handling
  • Database Cleaning
  • Barcode Generation
  • Mailing List Supply
  • E-mail Broadcasts

Looking for Data?

Any campaign is only as good as the data it is built on.

Confused with the choice or where to go? Let us take the hassle away.

We have years of knowledge and access to the best mailing data on the market.

Consumer Data
Circa 35 million addresses, which covers a large percentage of all households. Perfect for selecting data for a national campaign or targeting for a more specific Direct Marketing project. Select your data by contact name, age, property value, plus more.

Business Data
Circa 3 million Businesses can be selected by Business type, Size, Turnover, Location, Contact name & address, telephone number & e-mail addresses, plus more.

Home Movers Database
Access to circa 100,000 households per month who have just moved. Research shows that movers spend on average £8000 in the first 12 months. This is a highly responsive list that can be targeted to homeowner or renter, plus more.

Birthday Mailings
This database identifies consumers who are celebrating a Birthday. Selections by Birth day, month & year, location & more. If you are looking for the freshest list, delivered monthly.

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