Mail matters more than ever

Mail delivers high performance in a Covid-disrupted world

Why mail is performing better for brands

Covid-19 has changed consumer behaviour – perhaps forever. People have spent more time at home, and with home-working proving popular, this is a trend set to continue.

The way we consume media, and the way brands build trust and drive customer action, has also changed. It’s never been more important to build relationships with your customers and show you value them.

Our latest research insights from business decision makers and consumers paint a compelling picture. They reveal the vital role physical mail plays in today’s advertising media.

During the first lockdown, a record 96%* of mail was engaged with. Frequency of exposure to mail was at its highest, and online behaviour driven by mail increased by 70%.*

Our free guide is packed full of insight. It includes stats, resources and tips on how you can deliver effective direct mail campaigns to drive ROI for your business.

Download it now and see why mail matters more than ever.

*JICMAIL, Q2 2018 – Q2 2020

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